Friday, July 6, 2012

Lili of the sea

New kit, new page to share.
I just picked up Kristin Aagard's new kit Ocean Safari. Such an adorable kit to scrap with. Plus there's great water overlays to add that little something more.

My layout:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Littles

I made 2 new layouts from one of the kits I bought on iNSD.
Oh yes I forgot to mention in my last post. I'm a new mommy again, to a beautiful baby girl. She was born 1/22/2012. Her name is Lilian, my little Lili-Beans. :) In my last post the Layout I made from emeto designs kit Ponies & Bows, the little baby in it is Lili.
This is a collab kit called "Love Lives Here" By: Kristin Aagard & Kristin Rice I thought it was perfect for my little family.
My layouts:

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yes it is!. It is {inter}NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY!!! Woohoo!. Love it. Beings that I am not only a crafter but I am a Digi scrapper too. I have always been big on traditional scrapbooking and I still do it from time to time. Yep when I get the urges, I pull out all my stamps, scissors, pens, colorful papers and oodles of photos. **Hi, I'm Rachel, and I am a photo addict** I freely admit that.
I got into Digi scrapping about 6yrs ago. Now with that I found another addiction. I love the images that can be created doing it the Digital way *....akward...* They bring a whole new life to pictures that I never could imagine till I learned how to do it.
The designers that come up with all the kits are genius. I love them all. But there is one designer that I just absolutely LuRve!! Kristin Aagard.
Her kits are just gorgeous. When I have friends that ask me where to get good digi kits from, she is the first designer I send them to. I have tons of her kits. I think I sell my sewing just to support my habit. Haha.
Here are some of my pages I've made with her kits:
Kit: On The Wind
My layout:

Kit: Jailbird
My layout:

Kit: Pond Play
(no longer available)

Another designer I've been using recently is Emeto Designs designer Emilia Germanova's kits are adorable. I just bought her kit Ponies and bows.
Ponies and Bows
It's just perfect for my little girl. Here's the page I created using this kit. Can't wait to make more cute pages.
Right now After Five Designs is having a {inter}National Scrapbooking Day Sale! 40% off the entire store. I've all ready bought 5 kits between both designers!!. There's sooo many more kits I still want to get. But I know I must pace myself ( I might overload my laptop if I don't watch myself).

So get on over to After Five Designs and get your kits! You'll be glad you did. *^_^*

Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm Back!!

Yes it has been a very loooongggggg time since I last posted here. I've been pretty neglectful of my Digi scrapping for awhile. There's just been so much going on in life that I could just never find the time to scrap. I am hoping now that I have made some changes in my life I will have more time for the things that I truly love. *^_^*
Well I am very excited to announce that we (my hubby & I) are expecting our 2nd bundle of joy Yay!! lol Due January 25, 2012
It was one of those big unexpectedly expecting type of situations. But we are excited none the less. Friends and family all pretty much had the same reaction "it's about time!" haha. Love them.

So to celebrate the news I made a page from a wonderful kit by (of course) Kristin Aagard called Pea in a pod.

(as of today I'm now 19wks 2days)

One more week and we will be able to know what we are having. Hubby of course wants another boy (surprise surprise *wink*) I have a big feeling that it's a girl but I don't mind either way. And when we ask David he says "it doesn't matter as long as they can play games with me" lol. He's going to be a great big brother.

Hopefully you'll be seeing more great pages from me very soon, and I'll also be posting about new kits from my favorite Digi designers. Happy Scrapping *^_^*

Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Story

I got a new Digi kit a few days ago. It's from the Designers at Shabby Pickle Designs. It's called "Love Story". Here's what the kit looks like.You can get it at the Shabby Boutique.

I realized. I have a lot of my wedding pictures that i have yet to scrap. Here's some of the Pages I've made wit the kit.

Trying to get back to posting

Wow! I have been away way too long. I've been working really hard on my Etsy shop and projects that are just stacking up. I was very excited to have to sale's. One wasn't on Etsy it was to a friend. She bought a half dozen of my Pena Pals. The other was my favorite piece "Coraline's squid". A gentelman bought it for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. He wrote me the most awesome letter that I'm going to have to post for eveyone to see. I was so happy after reading it, it just made my day. Here's the squid

Here's the note he convo'd me on Etsy:

Hey There,

I just wanted to say that the Coraline squid I purchased from you was amazing. I bought it as a Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend and she loved it. I think that all of the personal touches you added to the sale (the thank you card, business card, etc.) are incredible and very sweet.
You helped make Valentine's Day very special as going to see Coraline was one of the first dates my girlfriend and I went on. You are doing amazing work and I just wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you very much and I wish you all the best!

-Gerry M.

16 February 2010 2:38am EDT

This was just a wonderful letter to receive. I hope to be able to get responces like this from all my customers. It was very touching. Thank you again Gerry! I wish you and your GF all the best and many more wonderful moments together.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorry I've been AWAL!

I just feel so bad that I have been nigleting this blog. I've been working on getting my crafts sold that I just haven't had time to scrap. But I did get to do a few so you know what, I'll share them now. :) This is my avatar/icon for my SewRae! shop on Etsy. I don't have any items posted yet but probably after the holidays. I also have a banner that cordinates with it on the Etsy shop and it's also posted on my craft blog SewRae! The elements are from my favorite desinger Kristin Aagard she sells her kits like this one called "Bird Song" at Shabby Pickle

This is of course of my son David just before he turned 1. He loves the camera, he has a facination with them. Now when you take a picture of him, he goes "lemme see! and has to see it.

This is me and David now. He's 5. He loves making paper plains and flying them anywhere he can.